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All-new Renault Master Unveiled: A New Era in Design, Efficiency, and Technology

Renault introduces the fourth-generation Renault Master, showcasing a revamped design, cutting-edge technology, increased usability, and enhanced efficiency. The van is available with a choice of all-electric and efficient diesel drivetrains, with adaptability for a future hydrogen powertrain.

Efficient Aerodynamics

Advanced aerodynamics make the fourth-generation Renault Master the most efficient van in its class, regardless of the power source. The 100% electric version boasts a class-leading range of up to 255 miles.

Driver Assistance and Connectivity:

Featuring 20 sophisticated driver assistance systems, the Renault Master prioritizes safety. The OpenR Link multimedia system, a 10-inch screen, wireless Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, and built-in Google features are standard. The van offers a choice of 20 configurations, with a payload of up to four tonnes.

Pre-order and Delivery Details:

Available for pre-order from Q1 2024, official ordering opens in Q2, with customer deliveries scheduled from September 2024. Renault's longstanding success with over 3 million Master vans sold since 1980 positions it as a leader in the European market.

Innovative Design: An Interior That Doubles as a Workstation:

The high-grade interior of the All-new Renault Master resembles a passenger vehicle. The S-shaped dashboard adds to the spacious feel, with premium materials and a standard 10-inch screen. The interior transforms into an office on wheels, offering a fold-down desk, laptop storage slot, and USB-C ports.

Distinctive Exterior Styling:

The All-new Renault Master's design combines a clearly defined identity with attractive looks and a modern feel. Notable features include Renault's new logo, extra-large full-LED headlamps, and distinctive C-shaped patterns in the lights.

Enhanced Efficiency via Advanced Aerovan Design:

Aerodynamic improvements contribute to the van's efficiency, with a more than 20% lower Scx. The CO2 emissions are reduced by 39g/km, falling below 200g/km, showcasing improved real-world efficiency.

Multi-Energy Platform for Various Drivetrains:

The All-new Renault Master's multi-energy platform accommodates different drivetrains, ensuring it remains the most efficient in its category. Regardless of the powertrain, customers benefit from lower operating costs and increased payload capacity.

Efficient Diesel and Electric Powertrains:

The van offers four diesel Blue dCi powertrains and a fully-electric version with a 105kW motor, 87 kWh battery, and a WLTP range of over 255 miles. The electric version features record-high payload capacity, range, and towing capability.

Future-Ready for Hydrogen:

Designed to accommodate a hydrogen engine and fuel cell in the future, the All-new Renault Master remains at the forefront of emerging technologies.

Increased Technology: A Unique Braking System:

The novel power-assisted dynamic braking control system ensures consistent braking effectiveness regardless of the van's weight. The van also features 20 driver assistance systems for maximum safety.

V2X Functionality in Electric Versions:

The All-new Renault Master includes Vehicle-to-Load (V2L) and Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) capabilities, enabling charging other devices and feeding energy back to the grid. This enhances the van's versatility and sustainability.

All the Latest Connectivity:

The OpenR Link multimedia system with Google built-in capabilities is a highlight, providing a seamless and connected experience. With features like Google Maps, Google Assistant, and over-the-air updates, the system offers modern and intuitive functionality.

EV-Exclusive Connectivity:

The electric version comes with exclusive functions, such as an Electric Route Planner, My Renault app for remote services, and Mobilize services for optimized electric mobility.

Next-Level LCV Essentials:

Launching with a full line-up covering professional requirements, the All-new Renault Master offers 20 derivatives ranging from 11 to 22 cubic meters. Enhanced maneuverability, payload capacity, and customization options redefine convenience in its class.

Renault's Human First Program:

The All-new Master incorporates elements of Renault's human-first program, ensuring safety and accessibility for emergency teams in case of an accident. Features include a QR code for firefighters, fireman's access to the high-voltage battery, and an SD switch to disconnect the battery safely.

The All-new Renault Master marks a new era in the evolution of this iconic van, blending innovation, efficiency, and versatility to meet the evolving needs of the commercial vehicle market.

Which one are you most excited to see?

  • Hydrogen

  • Electric

  • Diesel

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