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Rumored Electric Vehicle to sit under the Renault 5 and be the successor of the Twingo

Due to be revealed at the Firms Capital market day on the 15/11/2023

Reported it would release sometime in 2026

Rough cost ideas are to be around £20,000

Poised to be a 'Supermini' Car

According to the report, it is likely that Renault's factory in Novo Mesto, Slovenia, will be responsible for manufacturing the new car. Building a European-focused, affordable supermini locally seems logical to minimize operational costs and mitigate the impact of trade tariffs.

The introduction of a new Renault supermini is well-timed to fill the void left by the aging Twingo, still available in some left-hand-drive markets but approaching a decade in production. As the Zoe, with a decade-long production run, phases out, the 5 is set to be its direct successor.

Earlier this year, plans for a new entry-level Renault model were revealed when CEO Luca de Meo expressed his goal to 'democratize' EV ownership in Europe. The suggestion that it will be priced lower than the 5 hints at a potential sale price around £20,000.

De Meo referred to the upcoming model as a key factor in "the democratization of EVs," indicating its role in increasing mass electric car ownership in both the UK and mainland Europe trying to lead to greater ownership of electric Vehicles

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