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Renault EV Club Community Guidelines

We want to make the Renault EV Club the go-to place online for owners of fully electric, hybrid, and plug-in hybrid Renault vehicles. It’s a place for owners and drivers to connect, share tips and tricks, and work together to get the most out of their cars and vans.

We’ve put together these guidelines to make sure that our community is inclusive and a pleasant place for everyone to use. 


Community Standards

  • Be welcoming – This is a place for everyone, some may have been driving electric cars for years, others may not have started their journey yet. Everyone has something useful to contribute, so welcome and help those with less experience than you.

  • Respect one another – Politeness costs nothing, and nobody wants to interact with someone who is rude. Don’t post anything that a reasonable person would consider abusive or offensive. If you must disagree with something someone has said, criticise ideas, not individuals. Name-calling other personal attacks are never called for. Remember, tone rarely comes across in written text, so bear this in mind when reading and responding to posts.

  • Be considerate – Any community will be made up of people from different backgrounds and different world views. If you disagree with something try to see it from the other’s person view before responding. This will promote a respectful and friendly atmosphere where people feel comfortable asking questions, participating in discussions, and making contributions.

  • Stay on topic – We’ve designed this community to be about electric motoring, if you have something else to share there are plenty of other online spaces for you to do so. Off-topic posts are distracting and make it more difficult for people visiting the site to find what they’re looking for.

What’s Not Allowed

  • Threats – Threats in any form against individuals, organisations, or the wider    community will not be tolerated.

  • Profanity – There’s no need to use bad language, delve deeper into your vocabulary to express yourself.

  • Hate speech and discrimination – This is an inclusive community and we want everyone to feel comfortable here. Anything viewed as discriminatory or attacks an individual or group for being who they are will be removed.

  • Harassment and bullying – Picking on people wasn’t big or clever when you were at school, it certainly isn’t now. This includes continued badgering or intimidation targeted at a specific person or group of people. In general, if your actions are unwanted and you continue to engage in them, there's a good chance you are headed into bullying or harassment territory.

  • Disrupting the experience of others – This could be writing in ALL CAPS, posting blank posts or posts with lots of blank lines, or anything else that impacts on the ability of others to easily use the site.

  • Invasions of privacy – Posting personal information about others is not allowed.

  • Obscene or violent content – This is an electric vehicle community, there is no need to post anything violent, pornographic, or obscene.

  • Disinformation – Posting anything you know to be untrue, inaccurate, or damaging to others is not allowed.

  • Impersonating individuals or organisations – We want you to be yourself, so impersonating others is not allowed. Individuals are also not allowed to hold more than one account. 

  • Posting copyrighted content – If you want to share content that you do not own the copyright for, please link to it rather than posting it directly.

  • Using the community for business purposes or to make money without prior consent – We may from time-to-time enter into commercial agreements with businesses for the benefit of the whole community. However, you must not use the community for business purposes or to make money (including via affiliate links) without the express permission of an administrator.


What Happens if the Guidelines are Broken?

We hope everyone following these guidelines, but our community admins will work to ensure that all posts and comments are appropriate and relevant. They will take steps to remove things that break the rules outlined above and may, in the case of repeat or extreme offenders, block those concerned from the community.

Administrators do not need to justify the actions they take and do not need to warn you before locking or removing content, or blocking users. They’re doing their job to make this community work for everyone, so don’t get mad at them.

We’ll update these rules from time to time so please check back periodically to see what’s changed. If you feel there are rules we need to implement please contact an administrator.

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