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2024 General Election Party EV Pledges

Evaluating Party Manifestos and EV Pledges in the 2024 General Election

The recent release of party political manifestos has given us a crucial opportunity to assess where the various political parties stand on key voter issues. While electric vehicles (EVs) were not the most publicised policies, they appeared to varying degrees in all manifestos.

Labour, Conservative, and Liberal Democrat Pledges:

  • Labour: Reinstating the Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV) Mandate by 2030.

  • Liberal Democrats: Reducing VAT on public charging.

  • Green Party: Intensive scrappage schemes to enhance EV adoption.

Party-Specific EV Pledges:

Liberal Democrats:

  • Commitments:

  • Largest number of EV-related commitments.

  • Tackling high public charging costs by cutting VAT on public charging to 5%.

  • Expanding charging points, including residential on-street points and ultra-fast chargers at service stations.

  • Upgrading the National Grid and local grid capacity to support new charging points.

  • Ensuring all charging points are accessible with a bank card.

  • Protecting motorists from unfair insurance practices.

Green Party:

  • Proposals:

  • Replacing all petrol and diesel vehicles with EVs within ten years.

  • Ending sales of new petrol and diesel vehicles by 2027, and phasing out all petrol and diesel vehicles by 2035.

  • Introducing an extensive vehicle scrappage scheme with funding rising to £5bn per year.

  • Rapid rollout of EV charging points.

  • Supporting ordinary car users and small businesses in replacing their vehicles as diesel and petrol engines are phased out.


  • Initiatives:

  • Tackling soaring car insurance costs.

  • Restoring the ZEV mandate phase-out date to 2030.

  • Accelerating the rollout of charge points.

  • Supporting buyers of secondhand electric cars by standardizing battery condition information.


  • Actions:

  • Continuing the current Government’s actions.

  • Delivering the ZEV mandate.

  • Ensuring a nationwide charging infrastructure, including rapid charging.

  • Supporting domestic car manufacturers if global trade rules are breached.

Reform UK:

  • Stances:

  • Least commitments among all main party manifestos.

  • Scrapping bans on selling petrol and diesel cars.

  • Eliminating legal requirements (ZEV mandate) for manufacturers to sell electric cars.


The 2024 General Election manifestos reveal varying degrees of commitment to electric vehicle policies. Each party has outlined its vision for supporting EV adoption, with the Liberal Democrats and Green Party showing the most aggressive measures. Labour and the Conservatives also offer significant support, while Reform UK takes a different approach by proposing to roll back current EV mandates.

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