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The next-generation all new Master will be presented at the Solutrans Motor Show in Lyon, France, on Tuesday 21 November, building on a success story that has seen more than three million units sold since 1980.

It marks the arrival of a new generation of Renault vans that are innovative, 100% connected, and optimised for efficiency. Renault Pro+ customers will be able to go further while spending less.

With its ‘aerovan’ body design and a clever new braking system, the all new Master will save up to 21% energy on its pure-electric version. The internal combustion version will save up to 1.5 l/100km on fuel.

The all new Master will be produced at the Batilly plant in France, like its predecessors. Batilly has recently been upgraded to build the new model in a new and innovative way.

Keep an eye out for more information on this exciting new van after the Solutrains Motor Show on Tuesday 21 November

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